Wheel spacers: a useful addition or and unnecessary modification?

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With truck stance modification becoming ever more prevalent, it is no doubt that the controversial topic of wheel spacers will get brought up. Wheel spacers are a hot topic when it comes to adding a more aggressive look to your truck by spacing out the area between the rotor and the wheel, just like any other modification to your truck it comes with its pros and cons. We will be exploring the reasons many people chose this form of mod for their trucks

Firstly, wheel spacers come in many different sizes and widths. Wheel spacers offset the width of your truck to give it a wider stance. The widening of the stance has many benefits including more grip on the road as well as improved handling around corners. They usually mimic the effects of buying wider wheels which in turn can save money which would otherwise set you back a new set of tires.   

There is no doubt that offsetting your wheels will give your truck that aggressive look that most people strive for. Spacing out your wheels can also cut down the noise of having installed a slightly smaller set of tires that may rub on the inner fender-well when rounding a corner or turning too sharply thus adding function to the aesthetic.

While the  product has many upsides one of the many downsides that keeps most people from going out and installing them is pre-mature bearing failure. It is true if you install a large enough size that over time the bearings can get worn out and fail prematurely due to the high stress that the added length ads to the unit.

Another big downside to spacing out your wheels is the lower tolerances when it comes to tire clearance. If incorrectly chosen, your tire may rub on the inner wheel well causing unwanted noises and vibration when turning.

In conclusion, Wheel spacers are a cheap and simple modification that anyone can add to their truck and it comes with several positive and negatives. If fitted carefully and driven reasonably, the chance of failure or rub can be greatly reduced. Ultimately it all boils down to the owner’s preference in whether he or she will want to add wheel spacers to their vehicle.


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