How to Install a Rigid Light bar

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Installing a lightbar can be a complicated process sometimes requiring many hours or playing around with wiring to get the install just right. We will be going through how to install a lightbar using two methods: using the provided rigid industries light bar wiring harness and the second, routing the wiring from scratch. Remember, not all harnesses are the same, but this guide will give you a look into the idea of how to run wiring within your engine bay.

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How to wire the rigid lightbar wiring harness:


  1. Plan out where the wires will run in relation to the engine. You do not want any of the wires touching the hot components of the engine. Mark out where the relay will be fastened to and drill accordingly.
  2. Mount the lightbar in the position desired, mark and drill out the holes where the fasteners will go.
  3. Route the cable that connects to the light bar along the inside of the engine, usually it is best to zip tie the cabling along the wires that lead to the headlights or place it into the loom that runs to the front of the engine for a clean look
  4. Find a hole within the firewall and carefully run the switch through and mount the switch on your dash or trim piece desired. You may be required to mark and drill the area to allow for a flush mounting of the button.
  5. Once the lightbar and switch are mounted in position, connect the black wire to a grounded part of the vehicle or to the negative terminal of the battery. Carefully attach the Positive (red) wire to the battery terminal and fasten it until it is securely in place.
  6. Finally make sure the light is angled to the desired height.


How to Wire your lightbar without a harness:


For this one you are going to need a pigtail adapter, wire, solder/wire connector, an inline fuse and a switch

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  1. Cut two separate strands (Red and Black) into the desired length of wire.
  2. Attach the lightbar pigtail adapter to the two pieces of wire
  3. Run cable along the inner engine bay and fasten it with either zip ties or by tucking it into the loom in your engine.
  4. Mount the lightbar in the desired position on the truck and use the provided brackets and bolts to fasten it to the vehicle.
  5. Run the ground wire to the battery but do not connect it to the terminal yet.
  6. Cut another length of red wire that runs from the battery to the switch, placing an inline fuse along the way.
  7. Mount the switch on the desired location in the cabin of the truck.
  8. Attach the red wire from the pigtail adapter to the switch through the firewall
  9. Run the second red wire from the switch to the battery terminal back through the firewall.
  10. Connect the red and black wires to the battery terminal and test the switch to make sure everything is hooked up properly
  11. Finally, angle the lightbar to the desired height.


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