How to Install a CTS2 Insight Display

Posted by Branden Walter on

STEP 1 - Plug the HDMI connector into the HDMI receptacle located on the back side of the display.

STEP 2 - Align the Dual Tabs on the Mount with the mount receiver on the back side of the display, then slide it into place.

STEP 3 - Adjust the viewing angle using the adjustment nut on the mount’s swivel head.

STEP 4 - Pull any extra cable back behind the pillar and dash. (Re-install any panels removed during the Cable Installation.)


Display Setup:

STEP 1 - Turn the vehicle to the ON or RUN key position.

STEP 2 - Select one of the three options available:


Ford // Chrysler/Dodge // GM/Chevy // Other


BMW // Mazda // Mini Cooper // Mitsubishi // Nissan // Subaru // Other

STEP 3 - Follow the on screen instructions. The Main Gauge screen will appear.

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