6.7L 10-12' Cummins EGR Delete [PRO-87110EGRD]

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Step 1: Disconnect batteries 

Step 2: Drain engine coolant.

Step 3: Remove the plastic engine cover that is held in place by four8mm bolts.

Note: The dipstick must be removed in order to remove the plastic engine cover.

Step 4: Using an 11mm socket loosen the two V-band clamps. Remove the 10mm bolt in the center of the tube and disconnect the sensor plug. The EGR crossover tube can now be removed.

Step 5: Remove the electrical connector on the EGR valve.

Note: Some electrical connectors may have a locking tab. In order to remove these   connectors the tab must be slid into the “unlock” position.

Step 6: Remove the EGR valve that is held in place by four 10mm bolts.

Step 7: Remove any existing gasket material from the mounting surface on the intake elbow.

Note: It is important to keep gasket debris from getting in the open intake ports.

Step 8: Unplug the electrical connector (equipped with locking tab) on the back side of the throttle valve. The throttle valve is located on the driver side, just under the intake elbow. It is important to leave this unplugged in order to keep the throttle valve from permanently closing.

Step 9: Install the Prostreet grey intake block off with the supplied bolts. Ensure that both O-rings are fully seated.

Step 10: Remove the heat shield from the EGR bypass. The heat shield is held in place by three 10mm nuts and two 8mm bolts.

Step 11: With the heat shield out of the way remove the four 10mmbolts that secure the exhaust bypass in place. The exhaust bypass will get removed with the EGR servo.

Step 12: Remove the 10mmbolts securing the EGR servo mounting bracket in place.

Step 13: Simultaneously remove the EGR servo (still attached to the mounting bracket) and the exhaust bypass (bolts removed in step 11) from the vehicle.

Step 14: Remove the crankcase breather tube that runs over the EGR cooler. Also, disconnect the two coolant lines running to the EGR cooler. Be sure to remove the O-ring from the ting on the engine block.

Step 15: Remove the four 10mmEGR cooler mounting bolts.

Step 16: Remove the two 15mm nuts connecting the EGR cooler to the exhaust manifold near the firewall.

Step 17: Remove the V-band clamp that is connecting the EGR cooler and the exhaust crossover elbow.

Step 18: Remove exhaust crossover elbow that is held in place by two 15mm nuts. Install the small exhaust block off plate.

Note: The block off that is not pre-drilled will be installed in place of the exhaust crossover elbow.

Step 19: Remove the EGR cooler, this can be done by pulling the cooler up and out towards the front of the vehicle.

Step 20: Remove EGR cooler mounting bracket by unbolting the two 14mm bolts that bolt directly to the engine.

Step 21: Install the other exhaust block off plate, reusing the factory hardware. The block off with the pre-drilled port will be installed on the back side of the exhaust manifold.

Step 22: Re-install the crank case breather tube.

Step 23: Using the new supplied coolant hose and hose adapter, connect the two coolant ports that previously went to the EGR cooler. Secure the hose with the supplied hose clamps.

Step 25: Replace the manifold bolt with the supplied standoff bolt. The bolt will be the third one in from the back of the motor. The nut on the standoff bolt should be used as a jam nut to secure it in place. Do not tighten the standoff bolt by the hex bar.

Step 26: Mount the supplied support bracket as seen in image. AM10 bolt will screw into the standoff bolt. Use the 1/4-20 bolt, nut, and washer to secure the transmission dipstick to the bracket.

Note: The bracket will hold the coolant hose connector in place.

Step 27: Refill the coolant to factory specifications.

Step 28: The installation of the Prostreet EGR delete kit is complete and ready for testing. Start the engine and run until coolant circulates. Top off coolant system as necessary and make a close inspection for any leaks.

Step 29: Re-install plastic engine cover.

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